Posted by: kurtsh | November 18, 2014

BETA: Office for Android Tablet Preview & Feedback Group

Taken from the Microsoft Office IT Pro Network on Yammer:

imageWe recently announced plans to bring the productivity of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Android tablet customers with the Office for Android tablet Preview. There’s still time to join the Preview, and we’ve created a new group on the Network so you can access product information, screenshots and have direct interaction with the product team even if you are not a part of the Preview.

  • To join the Android Tablet Preview, click here.
  • To join the Android Tablet Preview Group on this network, click here.

I’d also like to welcome all the new members who have joined the Office 365 Network and are excited to get their hands on Office for Android – we are excited, too! Be sure to read the Day One Guide for tips on getting started here. If you’re new to Yammer, check out the Day One Group to connect with other new members and learn the basics of Yammer.

Let us know if you have questions as you settle in. We’re glad to have you on the Network, and are happy to help!


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