Posted by: kurtsh | October 27, 2014

NEWS: “NYPD goes Windows Phone”, “Nokia Lumia is now Microsoft Lumia” & “FitBit teams up w/ Cortana”

imageBig news day for Windows Phone!

The NYPD will give smartphones to its officers, and it looks like they’ll run Windows
“The New York Police Department will give a smartphone to every single one of its officers in the field. Although Microsoft wasn’t mentioned, it looks like many of the devices issued will be running Windows.”

imageSay hello to Microsoft Lumia
“When we announced that the Nokia Devices & Services business would become part of Microsoft, we also shared that Lumia, our smartphone brand, would become part of the Microsoft family. Since then, we have naturally been making the change from Nokia to Microsoft in our websites, packaging and other consumer touch points.”

imageCortana gives voice to Fitbit’s Windows Phone app, her first in-app integration
”Fitbit has become the first third-party Windows Phone app to integrate Microsoft’s virtual assistant within the app itself, letting users dictate what they’ve eaten by voice. Users can activate voice commands by tapping the microphone button at the bottom of the app, then hitting “Start Listening.””


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