Posted by: kurtsh | July 15, 2014

INFO: Rechargeable AAAA batteries for Surface Pro 3 stylus/pen

imageSomething many people have been pursuing but not really talking about is:

“Where do I get rechargeable AAAA batteries for my Surface Pro 3 stylus/pen?” 

Ever since the emergence of these batteries in use on the Dell Venue 8 Pro stylus, I’ve been searching for a AAAA rechargeable battery for these ultra-thin form factors. 

Well, it looks like I finally found one and it’s specifically DESIGNED for stylii/pens like that of the Surface Pro 3 or the Dell Venue 8 Pro.  It comes in 3 packages, each with or without a universal charger, modified to fit the smaller AAAA batteries, as well as different quantities of batteries:

So eBay wins again.  This Ni-MH battery very specifically is orderable in a form that will fit the tight confines of a Surface Pro 3 stylus/pen:

imageThe Queentona_4A is "AAAA" size, rechargeable, 1.2V/300mAh, low self-discharge Ni-MH Battery, which length (L = 41.7) and diameter (D = 8.3 mm) corresponds to the dimensions of standard alkaline "AAAA" battery (L = from 41.5 mm to 42.5, D = from 7.8 to 8.3).

This battery is so-called button top battery: its positive (as well a negative) electrode is sticking out of battery’s body, exactly as a standard  alkaline "AAAA" has. So far there is no button top,"AAAA size", rechargeable  Battery on the market. Thus, our battery is the best choice for substitution of non rechargeable alkaline AAAA battery.

If you intend to use the battery for Stylus pen application, then I need to make additional modification of the battery in order that battery will fit Stylus pen battery compartment (simply to remove battery’s plastic cover). Let me know about it with your order. In all other cases this particular modification of the battery is not required.

You can charge the battery using our Power or Sony Charger. Originally the chargers was designed and made for AA and AAA Ni-MH batteries. We’ve modified an AAA charging slot that it now accepts and holds reliably an AAAA size battery for charging procedure. Our Universal Charger accepts all sizes of cylindrical type batteries, including AAAA size.


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