Posted by: kurtsh | July 14, 2014

NEWS: Dreamworks & Microsoft partner to release Location-based “Dragons Adventure” Game

imageThis is really neat.  Imagine a game that changes depending on:

  • where you are in
  • what the traffic is like on the road you’re on
  • what the weather is like
  • what time of day it is

DreamWorks and Microsoft are unveiling a dragon-themed exploration game today that uses real-world data such as maps, traffic, weather, and time of day. In DreamWorks Dragon Adventure World Explorer, the developers have layered a fantasy world on top of the real world using sophisticated location and mapping technology. They’re targeting the app at children who play games on smartphones and tablets while their parents are taking them on a road trip.

imageLeveraging the Unity gaming platform, the title is a free cross-platform game that is available for specific devices, including the Nokia Lumia 2520, 1520, 1020, Icon, 928, 925, 930, andl Microsoft Surface RT and Pro tablets.

(NOTE: I’m confirming that Surface Pro devices are supported.  Right now the site reports that only ARM-processor based devices are supported.)

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