Posted by: kurtsh | July 8, 2014

INFO: New documentation published for Powershell control over Azure RMS templates

imageIf you’re leveraging Azure Rights Management Services, this is the post for you.  Dan Plastina, Lead PM for Right Management Services posted this summary of all the recent documentation for Rights Management Services.

The thing that caught my eye is using PowerShell to manage RMS templates within Azure RMS.  Here’s an excerpt of the post:

This month sees new PowerShell documentation for Azure RMS custom templates. In addition to creating and managing custom templates in the Azure Management Portal, you can now do this from the command line, by using the latest version of the Azure RMS Windows PowerShell module (version For installation instructions and the download link, see Installing Windows PowerShell for Azure Rights Management. The new version of the module ships with updated local help, and now also supports the online parameter so that you can easily get to the online version to check for the latest information.

For example, instead of typing "Get-Help Connect-AadrmService" to read the local help that ships with the module, type "Get-Help Connect-AadrmService -online" to automatically load your web browser and display the online version of the help. Unlike the local help, the online version supports web formatting, so it’s much easier to read. It’s often more up-to-date, and will automatically show localized versions for the standard 10 languages that TechNet and MSDN supports (Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Spanish).

The new cmdlets to support custom templates are:

If you are interested in custom templates and missed the blog post announcement, you can read it here: Create custom templates in Azure RMS with the Azure Management Portal. To see what customers are asking about this new feature when they try it out, see Top 10 customer questions about Azure RMS custom templates.


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