Posted by: kurtsh | July 5, 2014

INFO: Replacement stylus for Surface Pro 3

UPDATE 7/14/14
Yup.  This stylus works like a charm.  There’s no Bluetooth pairing since there’s no button on the back end to “click” to turn on the Surface Pro 3 and initiate OneNote however the pen works immediately once you put the included AAAA battery in and it has two buttons, one for “erasing ink”, and one for “selecting ink”. 

The pen’s pressure sensitivity is every bit as good as the original OEM stylus/pen but it’s shorter and more compact.  One interesting thing is that the nib or the “writing tip” is made of a harder material that doesn’t wear down as easily as the OEM stylus/pen but still glides smoothly across the glass without scratching.

It is also not magnetic like the original stylus but I don’t know if that’s a problem for me.  The only other difference is that the OEM Surface Pro 3 stylus/pen is $49.99.  This is $9.25.


imageORIGINAL POST 7/5/14
For those of you looking for a backup stylus for your Surface Pro 3, check this out:  “HTC Stylus Scribe Digital Pen” 

I’ve ordered a few.  At $9.25, it’s not much of a risk at all and several folks on Reddit, in the Amazon comments, and other places have reported that it works perfectly on the Surface Pro 3.

I’ll post results once mine arrive but it looks really promising… and very inexpensive!


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