Posted by: kurtsh | June 16, 2014

TOOL: Office Timeline 2013 for PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013 (3rd party – FREE)

imageAre you in IT?  Do you have to prep PowerPoint’s that present, among other things, your project timeline?  Do you find yourself handcrafting Gantt charts and modifying them every time there’s a slip in schedule?

No longer!  Here’s a 3rd party tool that I use with PowerPoint 2013 (also works with 2007/2010) called “Office Timeline 2013”.  And it’s free.


The above photo is an example of the kind of timeline you can generate and insert into your PowerPoint presentation through a quick wizard.  They have different templates, different chart types, different use cases, etc.


If you like it, you might want to copy & paste timeline data from Excel… and that’s where the “Plus” version comes in which is NOT free, however it’s probably going to be worth you dollar at $39 just to keep in your arsenal of secret IT professional tools.


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