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NEWS: The media weighs in on Surface Pro 3

image[UPDATED 7/19/14]
And even more reviews come in. 

[UPDATED 7/4/14]
So what’s to know about Surface Pro 3, hmm?

  • Ultra-Thin: 0.36” – 30% thinner than the 11” MacBook Air and the thinnest laptop running an Intel Core processor
  • Ultra-Light: 1.76 pounds – lighter than the lightest MacBook Air
  • Larger Screen: 12” display, 38% more viewing area than Surface Pro 2
  • Stunning ClearType Full HD Display: 2160 X 1440 screen resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio and multi-touch input
  • Breakthrough Surface Pro Type Cover: New magnetic double-fold hinge for more lap stability
  • Larger Trackpad: 31% larger with a new, smooth glass-like feel
  • Multi-angle kickstand: Adjustable, continuous kickstand with up to 150 degrees of viewing
  • All-new Surface pen: Precise & pressure sensitive fountain pen-like experience with one-click access to OneNote

A lot more!  Just read some of the reviews:

  • imageMASHABLE: “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is the Best Everything Device Ever Made”
    ”…as everything devices go, the Surface Pro 3 scores very high. The point isn’t to be the best at any singular task — it’s to negate the need to carry, and even own, multiple devices that do pretty close to the same thing anyway. For the Surface, redundancy is the enemy.”
  • imageYAHOO: “Smart, Versatile Surface Pro 3 Can Do It All — Maybe Even Lift the Windows 8 Curse”
    ”Surface Pro 3 is thinner, lighter, and bigger-screened than its predecessors. Its kickstand is infinitely flexible now; its keyboard, trackpad, and pen are much improved… If this marvel of engineering doesn’t lift the Microsoft hardware curse, I don’t know what its designers are supposed to do.”
  • imageZDNET: “Surface Pro 3: A brilliant, quirky, nearly flawless laptop replacement”
    ”It’s a solidly built, well-engineered device, and you will pay a premium price for that build quality and engineering… You can spend less for a portable PC, but in general you’ll get inferior build quality, lower screen resolution, and less capable hardware.”
  • imageSLASHGEAR: “Surface Pro 3 Review”
    ”Thing is, this may not just be hot air: bigger but lighter, faster but slimmer, the Surface Pro 3 might well be the hybrid Microsoft has been promising all this time. More importantly, it could well convince me – as an unabashed Mac and iPad user – that the Surface Pro 3 is now competitive… I’m frankly astonished by how attached to the Surface Pro 3 I’ve become in the time I’ve been using it.”
  • imageHOTHARDWARE: “Surface Pro 3 Review”
    “…we said that performance, build-quality, and the user experience all matter when evaluating a product. Well, the Surface Pro 3 has the performance and build-quality to easily earn a recommendation. Microsoft has also nailed the user experience–everything the Surface Pro 3 was designed to do, it does well, and it is easily one of the more attractive portable devices we have used.”
  • imageWINSUPERSITE: “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: Third Time’s the Charm”
    ”If you were on the fence because previous Surface Pro devices were too small, too thick, or just "off" in some vague way, take a look at Surface Pro 3. This is a well-made, nicely designed device that really does live up to its promise. And if you’re looking to replace a laptop or Ultrabook, Surface Pro 3 absolutely deserves some consideration. Surface Pro 3 is highly recommended.”
  • imageGIZMODO: “Surface Pro 3 Hands On: A Laptop Replacement That Just Might Work”
    “The typically wonderful Surface design is in full effect here. This sucker is a pleasure to hold and behold. The angular edges still melt into your palms, and this sucker is thin and light enough that it’s easily one-handable, though you might not want to try it for more than a few minutes. The new, improved fan that Microsoft touted during its announcement no doubt makes this smaller form-factor possible, and it is impressive; I couldn’t tell if the fan was on or off when I was playing around with it.”
  • imageTHE VERGE: “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review – This Tablet Wants to Replace Your Laptop”
    ”It took three iterations for the hardware to live up to Microsoft’s original vision for the Surface, but now it finally does. If you believe that Windows 8.1 hasn’t taken off because the hardware hasn’t been good enough, the Surface Pro 3 removes that argument from the table. It’s simply hard to identify areas where it can get radically better.”
  • imageCHIP CHICK: “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review – As Good as Windows 8 Gets”
    “The Best Windows 8 Device Yet:  No one can compete with its combination of superb design, build quality, versatility and performance. Throw in an amazing display and the oh, so usable Pen, and the Surface Pro 3 is indeed the best Windows 8 device on the market.”
  • imageTECHNOBUFFALO: “Surface Pro 3 Review: A Laptop/Tablet Hybrid You’ll Actually Want To Buy ”
    ”9/10 Editor’s Choice: The Surface Pro 3 is the best way to experience Windows 8, and a big step toward Microsoft’s laptop/tablet future.”
  • imageRAY FRENDEN: (Reputed artist for Nike, Nickelodeon, Burton, etc) “Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 vs. Wacom’s Cintiq Companion: Which portable drawing tablet reigns supreme for digital artists?”
    It’s going to take a fantastic piece of hardware to unseat the Companion’s position as my alpha dog for art creation.  The Surface Pro 3 is a fantastic piece of hardware… A few years ago, no device akin to either of these options was mature enough to even consider for professional work. These two hardware juggernauts slugging it out spur innovation. No matter which device “wins,” ultimately we, as artists, are in a better place. But let me ease your mind. No matter which piece of art hardware you choose, you haven’t made a bad choice. Both are good in different, complimentary ways.
  • imageBETANEWS: “Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is better than Apple’s MacBook Air – here’s 5 reasons why”
    ”Overall, both the Surface Pro 3 and MacBook Air are great laptops — the Surface Pro 3 is simply better. For the money, you are getting more features and access to more apps and programs. Even though the MBA overall is solid, the fact that Apple in 2014 can sell its customers a laptop without a touchscreen is beyond me. Not to mention, the display quality is so poor in comparison to the Surface Pro 3, that it is hard to believe they are both being sold in the same year. As someone who has spent a lot of time with the Surface Pro 3, I can assure you it is the real deal.”
  • imageTABLETPCREVIEW: “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review”
    ”The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a premium device and an exceptional piece of hardware. Performance is top notch, and when coupled with a keyboard cover and pen, it’s the most productive tablet on the market. The display is fantastic, and though its size and aspect ratio can make things a bit unwieldy, it’s mitigated by its light build, near-perfect balance, and increased screen real estate.”
  • imageTECHRADAR: “Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review: Is Redmond’s latest tablet the laptop killer?”
    ”Everything about the Surface Pro 3 design screams style and thoughtfulness. Microsoft took the entire Surface Pro 2 back to the drawing board with this revision. Between its bigger, sharper screen and thinner, lighter magnesium frame, nearly every box has been checked in crafting a superior product.”
  • imageGIZMAG: “Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 3”
    “Gizmag highly recommends the Surface Pro 3 to anyone looking for the best evidence yet that the same device can not only be both laptop and tablet, but can kick some serious ass while doing it.”
  • imageFAST COMPANY: “Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3: The Tablet That Could Finally Get You To Ditch Paper”
    ”The coup d’grace, however, is the simplest, most basic thing found on the entire device. When the Surface is in sleep mode and you click the button on top of the pen, the tablet will launch straight into a blank screen for jotting down notes by hand. It may seem dumb, but it takes a formerly involved process (unlock tablet, find app, launch app, write), and turns it into a thoughtless, frictionless process that takes all of a half-second.”


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