Posted by: kurtsh | June 10, 2014

RELEASE: Microsoft Social Listening to monitor online activity & buzz

This is really cool… almost an early warning system for sales & marketers.  Ever wish you could identify if there’s positive or negative feelings about your brand both domestically and internationally without having to know the culture or language of other geographies?

That’s Microsoft Social Listening.

Microsoft Social Listening


imageI am incredibly excited to announce the availability of Microsoft Social Listening.  This powerful tool will enable your people to tap directly into the social conversation so your customer-facing employees can create amazing customer experiences.  Marketers can track sentiment related to your brand and understand how their marketing tactics are resonating.  Sales people can stay on top of the competition while watching for social buying signals.  Service teams can delight customers by providing real-time social care.  Because, that’s just it, we don’t think your social tool should be relegated to just a select few individuals in your organization, we believe the power of social listening should be given to everyone.  How do we do that?  By making it part of your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription (for customers with 10 professional seats, MSL comes at no additional charge) and by making it super easy to use.


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