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INFO: Microsoft’s vision for an “Internet of Things”

imageI think a lot of people have gotten weary over the term, “Internet of Things”.  Much like “Information Superhighway”, it’s gotten to be a bit of a joke when it’s used in conversation.

An “Internet of Things” (IoT) however is a real matter to be addressed as either a strategic advantage of a danger.  One important enough that companies should look into what their strategy is managing them or more importantly, how to take advantage of the concept.

As described at the beginning of the year, the Internet of Things refers to Big Data as applied to your own connected devices, each with its own sensors, and doing the following:

  1. Driving decision making based on this information
  2. Orchestrating changes on current device operation based on this information
  3. Choosing what data to collect & pay attention to, and what to ignore

Per Microsoft Vice President, Susan Hauser:

We’re all familiar with the challenge of big data – how the volume, velocity and variety of data is overwhelming. Studies confirm the conclusion many of you have reached on your own: There’s more data crossing the internet every second than existed on the internet in total 20 years ago. And, now, as customers deploy more sensors and devices in every part of their business, the data explosion is just beginning. This concept, called the “Internet of Things,” is a hot topic among my customer conversations. Many businesses are uncovering efficiencies based on how connected devices drive decisions with more precision in their organizations. A great example of this is leading German hospital Siloah St. Trudpert Klinikum, which built a system to integrate operating room devices, machines and data sources to improve patient care. However, equally important is ensuring businesses are analyzing the right data sets, absorbing some data in real-time and leaving other data at the device or allowing machine-to-machine communication. This strategy – understanding what data needs to be absorbed vs. ignored – is where “Internet of Things” becomes real. It will be a big deal in 2014.

Here’s more on Microsoft’s thoughts around IoT:


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