Posted by: kurtsh | May 29, 2014

INFO: Ad-free

imageDid you ever wonder how you can pay to get rid of any presence of ads on  This is one of those hidden gems that’s been around forever but no one knows about.  It was originally called “Windows Live Hotmail Plus” but got renamed a bit ago. 

The deal is for $19.95 USD a year, you get:

  • No graphical ads
    There are no graphical ads in Ad-free—all you see is your email, photos, and documents.

  • No account expiration
    You don’t need to log in to keep your account active as long as your Ad-free subscription is current.

  • Technical support
    If you have a problem with your account, we’ll be there to help with technical support at no additional charge.

LINK: Ad-free


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