Posted by: kurtsh | May 24, 2014

INFO: Intel CPU Performance Comparisons for Surface Pro 3


Here are the exact CPUs available for each version of Surface Pro 3:

The reason this is interesting is that if you’re like me, you’ve been looking out of curiosity at the i5 vs i7.  Particularly the differences in CPU & Graphics performance. (And no one I know is looking at the i3 – including me – so I’m not even bothering to look at it)

So, check this out:

CPU Comparisons:
(Net-net: There’s singlecore & multicore performance improvement of at least 15% based on PassMark, due to the 15% higher turbo clock & complementary increased L3 cache.  It should be noted that Anandtech believes this difference would be greater for constant CPU intensive tasks.)

Graphics Comparison:
(Net-net: There’s a ~21% performance improvement based on 3dMark06, mostly due to having 2x the number of execution units)

Neither of these appear to impact battery performance… however there is a distinct $250 markup between the respective models of Surface Pro 3 i5 vs i7.  So that’s the tradeoff.

  • 15% CPU + 21% GPU = $250


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