Posted by: kurtsh | March 30, 2014

INFO: Nokia Lumia Icon – The most powerful audio jack & speakerphone of any Smartphone on the market?

One of the things that the HTC Windows Phone 8X had as a benefit over other Smartphones in the industry was the unmatched power routed to its audio jack for headphones and its speakerphone.  Branded with Beats Audio, there’s really been no challengers on the market with the same volume & quality of sound.

Nokia has, with the Lumia Icon, gotten bit closer.  According to Phone Arena, the Icon delivered the highest voltage of any smartphone that they’ve tested on the market.


The “audio output voltage” (.54V) and the “loudness of the speakerphone” (79dB) on the Nokia Lumia Icon is the best of ANY SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET.  This includes the Samsung Galaxy S4 and all other Lumias, including the 1520.

The benchmark that I’ve personally used has been Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” which is a song with incredibly low bass requiring a strongly backed audio port to sustain the level of bass necessary for the right clarity & minimal distortion.  Previous Nokia Lumias designs didn’t deliver the level of power required to play the song back without distortion.  (much less Android & iPhones)

The Nokia Lumia Icon is a dramatic improvement over existing smartphones for audio quality.  For more information on the tests & the other phones compared, visit the following URL:


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