Posted by: kurtsh | March 27, 2014

INFO: Deleting Adobe Acrobat .PDF files while the Preview Pane is turned on

imageHave you ever noticed that if you have the Preview Pane turned on within Windows Explorer that Adobe Acrobat’s .PDF preview handler for Windows Explorer locks the selected file, preventing you from deleting it? 

This is annoying.  And Adobe’s had this problem for more than 6 years now and never fixed it.

Well, it turns out that Tim Heuer solved the problem at no cost to you.  It involves installing a new Preview Handler from FoxIt, displacing the one used in Windows Explorer from Adobe.  It allows you to continue to use Adobe Acrobat normally as it’s installed but when you are viewing a .PDF file within Windows Explorer through the Preview Pane, it uses FoxIt’s preview handler which doesn’t suffer from the same “locked file” problem as Adobe’s.  As a result, you can preview the file in Explorer… and delete it quickly if the file is nothing you want.  Works on Windows 7 & 8!

(Of course you might just simply want to wholesale switch to using FoxIt’s PDF tools instead of Adobe Acrobat.  FoxIt’s tools are lighter weight, faster, and cheaper.)


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