Posted by: kurtsh | February 26, 2014

NEWS: New Exchange Server 2013 Data Loss Prevention technologies including “Document Fingerprinting”

With Exchange 2013, we released a new data loss prevention (DLP) capability based on deep content analysis that helps you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information. We’re continually looking to expand our DLP capabilities, and today we’re bringing two new ones to you—Document Fingerprinting and Policy Tips in Outlook Web App (OWA). Both are being rolled out for Office 365 users right now, and they’ll be part of the Exchange Server 2013 SP1 release for our on-premises users (please stay tuned for more information on SP1).

Watch this short video that explains what DLP has to offer today and how the new capabilities can help your organization be more compliant.

Data Loss Prevention with Exchange and Office 365


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