Posted by: kurtsh | February 14, 2014

NEWS: Surface has it’s own case design coming

Attention Surface Owners!  There’s a new case coming, optimized for Surface RT/2 or Surface Pro/2.  If you own a Surface of any type, you may want to consider getting in on this Kickstarter opportunity. This is a case that is designed for the Surface from the ground up.


It’s called FreedomCase and it’s designed for Surface exclusively.

Why back the FreedomCase on Kickstarter?

We feel that Microsoft Surface owners deserve something much better than what’s currently available. The FreedomCase endeavors to bring a high level of design and innovation to a relatively stagnant range of accessories.

imageWe’ve put more than seven months of time into prototyping and researching the best way to design this case. We’ve listened to you, the members of the Surface community, on the features and functionality that you’d like to see. By incorporating your feedback, the FreedomCase is truly a representation of “ask and ye shall receive”. Together, we can make this product a reality.

Sign up for the Kickstarter here:


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