Posted by: kurtsh | February 11, 2014

RELEASE: Updated Yammer App for SharePoint adds security enhancements


The Yammer App for SharePoint lets you add a real-time social layer to your SharePoint site, and now an updated version of the app takes advantage of SharePoint security enhancements to improve sign-in reliability, writes Christophe Fiessinger on the Office Blogs.

“If you’re a SharePoint site owner and you’re using the Yammer App for SharePoint on your SharePoint Online or SharePoint on-premises team site, upgrade to the latest version now,” Fiessinger writes.

To upgrade the app to the latest version, on the SharePoint site with a Yammer App for SharePoint, click the Settings icon at the top of the page, and then click Site contents. The Site contents page shows you all of the apps available for that particular site. If your Yammer app needs an update, a link to update it appears under the name.

When you use Yammer and SharePoint together, you can “encourage team and company-wide conversations, facilitate collaboration around files and projects, and make it easier for people to connect,” Fiessinger writes. “This helps make collaborating a more social, mobile, and engaging experience.”

Read more about the update here:

To add the Yammer app for SharePoint, go to:


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