Posted by: kurtsh | December 12, 2013

HOWTO: Migrate from Gmail to

By now, it should be common knowledge that Google generates a persistent “dossier” or “profile” on each of its Gmail users to provide rich targeting for the advertising they sell to their advertisers.  If you don’t know about this, you need to read this site carefully:

For folks that would prefer to use a messaging service that DOESN’T DO THIS, we have provided a migration path for Gmail users to… and guess what?  We now do all the heavy lifting for you.

To be clear:  You make NO commitment to moving to even after the migration takes place.  Nothing is changed.  All Microsoft does is:

  • Copy your email over to a new account, including attributes, flags, etc.
  • Provide guidance on auto-forwarding your Gmail to your email

If you want to switch back, there’s nothing you need to do.  You can continue to use your Gmail account like nothing ever happened.  Our bet is that you won’t.

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to connect your Gmail account (using OAuth) to your account (if you don’t already have one, it’s easy to get). This will import your Gmail emails into your inbox and, because you’ve connected both accounts, your Google contacts will automatically appear in The structure of your inbox, including read/unread status of your emails, will be preserved. The new tool will even set up your Gmail address as a "send-only" account so you can continue to send email from your address, right from, if you still want to.


For more details on this, please visit our announcement page at:


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