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EVENT: BlueHat v13 Emerging Threat Conference (Invite Only) – Dec 12th

Watch the BlueHat blog for more information about the results of this conference.  (It’s Invite-only and I have no control over the invite list.  Sorry.)

This week, starting Thursday, we’ll be hosting our 13th edition of BlueHat. I’m always so impressed with the level of knowledge we attract to each BlueHat, and while the event is invite-only, we’ll be sharing glimpses into the event via this blog and the hashtag #BlueHat.

For each of the past six years I have had the honor to work among some of the most talented engineers I have ever met, here at Microsoft. I am inspired by the mission we embrace in securing our products, devices, and services. There are few other vantage points with as broad a footprint on the internet, since one of Microsoft’s early mottos helped put “a computer in every home.” Our job in the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) is to help protect the customers who use the technology that the rest of the company works so hard to create. In everything we do in the MSRC, we strive to fulfill our mission to help insure the security and privacy of over a billion computer systems and our customers worldwide.

In 2005, we started the BlueHat conference to educate the developers and executives of Microsoft about current and emerging threats. The idea was to bring the hackers and security researchers to us, and in doing so foster an environment where the bidirectional exchange of ideas around the balance between security and functionality could meet fertile ground in the famed “hallway track.” We hand-pick just a small number of speakers and external attendees to concentrate on learning from them in most cases, and the chance to teach some of them from what we have learned, to help enhance the security and privacy of the Internet as a whole.

This year is no different in that we have invited speakers chosen to educate, amaze, and work with Microsoft to help us understand the emerging security threats to us and our customers. Together, we will rise to face the most important challenges in helping to secure the global Internet ecosystem.

Beginning on Dec 12, 2013, we’ll begin this year’s BlueHat by focusing on the threat landscape, learning about determined adversaries to help us defend our own network and assets, and tools to detect and mitigate attacks. Next we’ll welcome some of the world’s top experts to discuss devices and services, from low-level hardware to web services, to help us build products, devices, and services that are more secure from the ground up.

Finally, we’ll close out the conference with a thought-provoking track that I like to call the “Persistence of Trust,” where we will discuss the core elements that comprise the trust we rely on to support what the Internet has become – a global information sharing network that humanity uses to exchange goods, services, money, and most importantly, ideas. To support these functions, we must strengthen the technology that underlies and supports that trust, and we must design products, devices, and services that are resistant to security and privacy breaches.

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