Posted by: kurtsh | November 18, 2013

BLOG: “Migrating Google Drive content to SkyDrive Pro & Office 365”

This was a pretty interesting post so I decided to amplify it a bit.

Architect Update: Migrating Google Drive Content to Office 365
We’ve had many requests for the ability to quickly migrate content from Google Apps to Office 365 as companies make the decision to move to the Microsoft cloud platform. So we are pleased to let you know that there is now an easy way to bulk migrate the content stored in your enterprise Google Apps account to SkyDrive Pro used for an Office 365 tenancy.


What you get is a simple interactive Wizard that once authenticated to access to your enterprise Google Apps account, will automatically discover Google Drives and SkyDrive Pro areas (note that the SkyDrive Pro accounts must already exist). You can then select the content to copy over, taking metadata and versions, as well as folder structures and permissions. It will also convert content from Google Docs format to Microsoft Office formats.

Interesting?  Read more here:

(Thx Mary Branscombe for the great tip)


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