Posted by: kurtsh | October 21, 2013

RELEASE: Windows 8.1 releases everywhere

imageWe’re done… and we’re shipping.

If it hasn’t shown up in the Windows Store as a free upgrade, try typing in:


… into your browser.

This has been one of the most satisfying releases of Windows I’ve experienced since Windows 7 – and I mean that.  All shilling aside, I’m downright giddy using my 8.1 upgraded devices in a way that I just didn’t get with regular Windows 8.  If you’re a business user using Windows 7, you really ought to try Windows 8.1.  If you’re using Windows 8, you’d have to be a nutjob not to upgrade to 8.1. 

imageEverything about it feels good.  The performance improvements.  The configurability.  The fit & finish added.  The 8.1 apps & tools changes.  The unparalleled multi-monitor support.  The new support for standards like Miracast.  If you’re looking for a quick list of what makes Windows 8.1 awesome, check this article out on Mashable:
(Photo taken from Mashable’s “10 Reasons…” article below)

And here’s what the blogosphere has had to say about it so far:


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