Posted by: kurtsh | October 19, 2013

INFO: Getting ‘mobile’ versions of web sites after upgrading to Windows 8.1? Just set Compatibility View.


If you start to get “mobile views” of web sites that you’re used to going to, after upgrading to Windows 8.1, simply turn on Compatibility View for that particular site (or for all web sites) and you’ll find that life returns to normal.

Here’s some steps to follow to enable Compatibility View on the site that is showing it’s “Mobile” version/view:

  1. Navigate to the website that isn’t displaying properly.
  2. In Internet Explorer (desktop), tap and hold on the bar at the top (or right click).
  3. Tap on "Menu bar" so it’s highlighted and there is a tick by it. A menu with File, Edit, View, Favourites, Tools and Help should appear.
  4. Go to tools and open "Compatibility View Settings". "Add this website" should have the domain of the site you’ve visited already filled, so click "Add".
    Alternatively, you can also simply check the “Display all websites in Compatibility View to have this done for all sites you visit.
  5. Close the windows then revisit the website that wasn’t displaying properly.  (While a refresh should work, you may need to close the tab entirely)  It should hopefully now display as it should.


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