Posted by: kurtsh | September 25, 2013

FIX: Cannot Open/Send Rights-Protected Email or Documents (Rights Management issue)


When opening a rights-managed email within Outlook, have you ever seen an error with Windows Rights Management on your desktop that reads:

“You do not have permission to open this message.”

And this occurs even though you know should have permission to access the email.

Or maybe when you attempt to “Connect to server to download rights management templates” from within an email message or an open Word document, you either get NO RESPONSE or you get the following error dialog:

“To use content with restricted permission you must reinstall and repair the Windows Rights Management components.  If the problem continues, contact your administrator.”


This took a while for me to dig up internally here at Microsoft so I figured this might be useful for others to know.

The following troubleshooting steps (below) resolved my issue for Outlook 2013.  More specifically, the specific resolution was using the following command using an admin elevated command prompt:

rd /q /s "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\MSIPC"

After a quick restart of Outlook, I was able to not only open rights managed emails but also create rights managed content throughout Office. Yay!

I’m told that Outlook 2010 is slightly different.  I’ve never tried this since I don’t run Outlook 2010 but for those interested:

1. Go to the path:

2. Delete all the contents under the folder DRM except for the folder “cc” under it.

3. Restart Outlook



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