Posted by: kurtsh | September 12, 2013

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Volume 14 Windows Application & PDF

imageThe Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Windows application analyzes the threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware using the latest data from hundreds of millions of systems around the world and some of the Internet’s busiest online services.

Readers will find the data, insights, and guidance provided in this report useful in helping them protect their organizations, software, and users.  

Key features of the application include:

  • All content, in one convenient place – includes all 800+ pages of content from Volume 14 of our latest report and is fully searchable.
  • High fidelity charts – Many customers have asked us if they can obtain high resolution versions of the charts. We’ve delivered that in the application and have even included the “save as” functionality so that customers may use them in other applications, such as PowerPoint.
  • Reader friendly – We’ve designed the application with you, the reader in mind. One example of this is the integration of our glossary into the body of a page which appear as mouse-over tool-tips.

More from the Security Intelligence Report at the main SIR web site:


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