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INFO: Strategic roadmap for Intellectual Property Protection technology from Microsoft

imageThis was some of the biggest news I’ve read in a long time from us and it seems to have gone completely unnoticed by the media.  Here’s an English language explanation of what we’re doing in the space of IP protection:

Anyone in any company will be able to securely share any document with anyone else on the Internet.  They will also be able to control what other people can do with those documents track the document’s usage.  They can also set the document to expire/timebomb after a certain date.  The individuals receiving these documents will be able to view them on iOS, Android, Windows RT, Macintosh, & Windows computers.

Rights Management or Intellectual Property Protection at Microsoft enables a user to encrypt file using AEC-256 bit encryption securing data at rest.  However what makes it unique is that based on the accessing users credentials, it provides only certain rights to the information store in it.  It can:

  • Prevent users from printing the content or “copy & paste” or screen capturing
  • Prevent users from forwarding mail messages & documents to others outside their company
  • Prevent users from forwarding mail messages & documents to others not on the To: line
  • Prevent users from using the document after a certain date
  • Label the content as “CONFIDENTIAL” to notify them of use rights
  • Audit who accessed a file at what time
  • Ensure that data is only accessed when a user has logged in with credentials


  1. NEW Explorer shell "right mouse click" rights-protection functionality. Recursively works on folders & files.
  2. NEW support for iOS, Android, & Windows RT as well as Mac & Windows.
  3. NEW generic protection of any file type, as well as specific protection of new file types, including .PDF, .TXT, .JPG/.GIF,
  4. NEW cross-business & Live ID/GmailID sharing
  5. NEW Azure RMS auto-provisioning for business domains

Here’s a presentation that was done at TechEd 2013 Europe that explains what was announced:

Microsoft offers Active Directory Rights Management Service (ADRMS) in Windows Server today. Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management is a new service from Microsoft that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and Office 365. These two services combine to support layered information protection offers such as: Office, Exchange DLP, File Classification, SharePoint Secure Libraries, and more. These offers support seven platforms with mobile applications, offer generic protection of all file types, business-to-business secure collaboration, and the ability to quickly deploy information protection services on-premises by leveraging cloud infrastructure. This hybrid offer enables HSM-based key storage, secure B2B collaboration, and enables your organization to maintain their documents on-premise if so desired! This first of two talks covers Microsoft’s overall information protection offer as well as recent advances.


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