Posted by: kurtsh | June 28, 2013

RELEASE: Microsoft Products Portfolio 3.1 – Enterprise view & All-up view


We’ve released version 3.1 of the Microsoft Product Portfolio, a.k.a. the OnePager.

The Product Portfolio is a hierarchical view of either all of Microsoft products & services or the ENTERPRISE view of our products and services.

Both are available as .PDFs or, if you’re a customer of mine, please contact me and I will provide the Visio diagram source for your editing.

Here’s the most recent changes:

  • Additions
      • Both views:
          • Backup & Recovery Manager under Windows Azure on the Core Infrastructure tier
      • All-up view:
  • Changed:
      • All-up view:
        o    None
      • Both views:
          • Changed “Integration | Service Management” to Azure BizTalk Services on the Integration services tier
  • Removed
    • Messenger

Download the .PDF files here:


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