Posted by: kurtsh | June 20, 2013

REPORT: Windows Azure: “3x better performance” than Amazon EC2 (and 4x value for price/performance)

imageCloud Spectator, an independent research organization that monitors IaaS solution providers, recently ran tests across 5 major Virtual Machine hosters/IaaS providers.  Take a look at the comparisons of vendors for the following categories in this research report, published June 5th, 2013:

  • Performance
  • Price/Performance
  • CloudSpec benchmark


  • “On average, the highest-performance provider over the test period is Windows Azure, and the lowest-performance provider is Amazon EC2. The difference in performance: Windows Azure scores 3 times higher than Amazon EC2 on average.”
  • “Windows Azure, the highest-value provider in this scenario, provides 5x more value than on average throughout the 5-day test period than the lowest-value provider, Rackspace.”

This is extremely telling.  And now, software developers with MSDN subscriptions can get access to the highest performing IaaS cloud solution on the market at no additional cost to them using their MSDN-granted Azure credits.


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