Posted by: kurtsh | May 22, 2013

INFO: Xbox One: Your Top Questions Answered

imageXbox now has a new blog called Xbox Wire in which they’ve not only posted a ton of material around Xbox One but also posted an FAQ which answers a lot of questions that the media still hasn’t seem to catch on to.

So to do my part, here’s a link to the post entitled, “Xbox One: Your Top Questions Answered” that answers the following questions:

  • Does Xbox One require an “always on” Internet connection?
  • How do consumers benefit by being connected to the cloud?
  • When will Xbox One launch and in what markets?
  • Can I use my current gamertag on Xbox One and will my Gamerscore and Achievements transfer?
  • Will Xbox One be backward compatible with my existing games?
  • Will Xbox One allow players to trade in, purchase and play pre-owned games?
  • Why require Kinect with every Xbox One?
  • Do I need to have a specific cable or satellite TV provider to watch live TV on Xbox?
  • Xbox One is a more powerful product compared to Xbox 360, but does it also use more power?

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