Posted by: kurtsh | April 29, 2013

RELEASE: Microsoft Product Portfolio 3.0 – Enterprise & All-Up Views

We released the new Product Portfolio 3.0 with the following additions:

  • imageWhat’s New
      • Both views:
          • MDOP, Windows To Go under Windows 8
          • Social listening & Analytics
          • SignalR under ASP.NET
          • Async/Await added under .NET
          • HDInsight under Windows Azure SQL Database
          • Multi-factor Authentication (PhoneFactor) under Federation Gateway (Azure)
          • Cloud Monitoring (MetricsHub) below Intune
          • Storsimple Appliance next to Private Cloud Appliance
      • All-up view:
          • Kinect for Windows under Microsoft Hardware
  • imageWhat’s Changed
      • All-up view:
          • SL to SL 2011
          • GP to GP 2013
          • NAV to NAV 2013
      • Both views:
          • AX 2012 changed to AX 2012 R2 with enhancements
          • Microsoft Surface to Microsoft Surface & Perceptive Pixel under Microsoft Hardware
          • Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 2.5 to Microsoft Security Compliance manager 3.0
          • Web API moved from ASP.NET into Communication & WF Foundation area
          • Exchange Hosted Services broken into Exchange Online Archiving and Exchange Hosted Protection
          • Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 to Windows HPC Pack 2012
          • BizTalk Server 2010 to BizTalk Server 2013

If you’re a Enterprise customer, I have both a Visio .VSD version of these as well as a nice PowerPoint presentation that breaks down each of the technology layers.  Download the documents here:


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