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DOWNLOAD: “Mañana Mail” – Microsoft Research add-in for Outlook

imageInterested in a tool that delays email transmission by 10 seconds minimally and provides both the ability “undo send” as well as send future transmission times for outbound email?

Here’s a free addin for Outlook that will allow you to do that:  “Mañana Mail”, a Microsoft Research add-in for Outlook.  Here’s the product description:

Faster is not always better. With the Mañana Mail add-in for Outlook, you can send an e-mail at 9am with a single click, and you can edit or cancel it up until that point. It also gives you about ten seconds to undo sending any email. Research shows that important emails are often not urgent. Give yourself the chance to think it over, and let the recipients read it carefully at work instead of while they are distracted at dinner.

The following are the instructions for the tool which are deposited into your inbox once installed on Outlook and you “stop & restart” the application.

Mañana Mail Instructions

imageCanceling or editing pending mañana mail
You can undo or edit mañana messages up until their scheduled delivery time.  To do this, click on the Outlook “Outbox” folder (on a computer with the Mañana add-in installed).  A separate window will open displaying the list of pending messages.  Mañana messages do not appear in your Outbox.  Clicking on the “x” next to a message will cancel the delivery and will re-open the message.  You may then either delete the message or edit it and send it again (either immediately or mañana).  Unfortunately, you cannot do this from your phone at present because there is no add-in available for the phone.

imageSending mañana mail
If you send a message mañana, it will be delivered at 9:00am (or whatever your designated time is) regardless of whether or not your computer is on.  For example, if you are using a laptop computer, you may turn it off after sending.  It will appear in your “Sent Mail” after it is sent.  There are two ways to send mañana messages, but you must be using a computer with mañana mail installed (i.e., not from your phone).  First, when you are composing a message, you may press the “Send at 9:00am” button located in the Mañana section under the “Message” tab of the ribbon.  Alternatively, you have about ten seconds after you press send on a regular message to reconsider and click on the “Send at 9:00” button that appears in the floating blue box on the screen.  Note: mañana mail can only be sent when your computer is online and can connect to the Exchange server.

Changing the outgoing time for mañana mail
Click on “File”, “Options”, “Add-Ins”, “Add-in options” to change the time mañana messages are sent.

In the spirit of sending well thought out email, the Mañana add-in delays all outgoing messages by about ten seconds in order to give you an opportunity to cancel (undo) or send them mañana.  Simply look for the floating blue box after you click send.  Warning: if you close Outlook before the ten seconds have elapsed and the blue window has disappeared, mail may remain in the Outbox.


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