Posted by: kurtsh | April 14, 2013

INFO: “Why Windows 8 over Windows 7?”

imageYeah, everyone knows about the touch-capable interface that Windows 8 has.

But what else has it got? 

Here’s a quick list of differentiators between Windows 7 & Windows 8:

      • Optimized for touch & stylus
      • Longer battery life (Optimized for Ivy Bridge)
      • Faster WiFi negotiation, reconnection
      • Integrated 3G/4G cellular support, makes WWAN connectivity as easy as WiFi
      • Windows-to-Go, your PC environment on a USB stick
      • Cloud-connected (Configuration, files, profile, favorites… stored in the cloud)
      • Faster boot & shutdown times
      • Better performance of disk, networking, computation
      • Microsoft-managed Adobe Flash (Updated by Microsoft, through Microsoft Update)
      • Trusted Boot, highly rootkit/malware resistant through hardware
      • Enhanced BitLocker, including deploying in an encrypted state
      • “Do-Not-Track” within Internet Explorer 10
      • Multi-monitor improvements
      • More powerful & intuitive file management through Ribbon-powered File Explorer
      • Improved troubleshooting & task management

For an explanation of any of these, go to the TechNet site for Windows 8 at
For more details on “What’s New in Windows 8” specifically, go to:


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