Posted by: kurtsh | March 31, 2013

INFO: Windows Phone 8… shutdowns, reboots, & freezes?

Does your Windows Phone 8 occasionally reboot, freeze, randomly shutdown, or display a “SIM Error” message, dropping your cellular connectivity?

I figure there are people out there that have encountered the same things as I have so I thought I’d document some of what I’ve heard/experienced:

  • Lync-Skype Conflict
    Do you have both Lync & Skype installed?  I’ve heard that the two don’t mix.  Having both Lync & Skype can reportedly result in freezes, lock ups, and potential reboots.  I personally have to have Lync installed for business and from personal experience, if I install Skype, there is definitely a destabilization of my phone at some level, resulting in either random shutdowns or reboots.  Hence Skype is not on my device since I need Lync.
  • 1.0GB of Space Threshold
    When you look at SETTINGS and you click PHONE STORAGE, you may noticed that you probably have something above 1.0GB of free space.  In my experience, if I approach 1.0GB and attempt to cross into having LESS than that, my phone will suddenly suddenly exhibit an array of issues during the day:  Freezes, lock ups, random shutdowns, etc.  Bottom line: I always make sure I have more than 1.0GB remaining.  For anyone looking to follow my lead, remember that your device will naturally consume & relinquish space in your available storage for temp/cache usage so be wary of your storage utilization.


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