Posted by: kurtsh | March 28, 2013

TOOL: Event Builder “L+” – An Extension for Lync to Create Full-featured Events

Interested in using Lync for massive scale events?image

This video demonstrates how L+ technology will help you improve ROI on your existing Microsoft Lync licenses. Users can customize, promote, organize, and scale meetings and events beyond the existing Lync capabilities while allowing them to utilize their existing Lync presentation expertise.

  • Enhancements add to existing Lync knowledge to increase ROI
  • Maximize the Value of Your Events & Programs
  • Cost effective service for any size event
  • Works with all popular browsers and operating systems
  • Enables attendees to use Macs, iPads, and other mobile devices
  • Deliver large scale events from a standard Lync presentation format
  • Control who can upload and view content and recordings





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