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RELEASE: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (DVD)

imageIf you’re a Halo fan at all… you ought to purchase this movie.

It’s called “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”.  And it’s the closest thing Halo fans have that approaches the movie that was on the horizon several years ago.

Not too many years ago, there was a movie based on Halo that was being planned.  Peter Jackson was the producer signed to the project & the name Steven Spielberg was even bandied about regarding some sort of involvement.  For those unfamiliar with the details behind the planned movie, here’s a glimpse at what went down:

Peter Jackson settled on the novice Neill Blomkamp for director. Blomkamp worked to exhaustion for five months preparing the project, which went as far as constructing props and costumes and producing short Halo-themed films as test footage. The project then collapsed. Jackson allowed Blomkamp a free reign in choosing a new project, which led to District 9. Although Blomkamp is still "creatively interested" in Halo, he does not wish to return to the project after working on it for so long and watching it collapse.

The movie, Forward Unto Dawn, is actually an amalgam of multiple episodes put together.  The resulting film is about 90 minutes long and cost a rumors $8.5M to do.  The plot is described as such in IMDB:

In 2525, as mankind has begun to colonise space, a group of cadets are training to fight against human insurrectionists. One of these cadets, Thomas Lasky, has doubts about his abilities as a soldier and his convictions for this war. Whilst he struggles with himself, the planet is invaded by an unknown alien race. Reeling under the assault, Lasky and his squad mates are rescued by John-117, one of the UNSC’s legendary SPARTAN-II super-soldiers. John must inspire Lasky to fulfill his potential as a soldier and a leader to fight against an enemy deadlier than any that humanity has faced before.

It isn’t perfect but still an epic film & a great example of what could be done with the Halo universe if a studio were to pick it up.  Now that 343 Studios has control over Halo 4, 5 and 6, there’s a good chance that we might actually see the motion picture we’ve all be waiting for.

Until then, there’s always this:

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Trailer


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