Posted by: kurtsh | February 22, 2013

NEWS: Got Lync? Buy a Blynclight!

imageThis is cool.  For anyone that has Lync installed for their corporate IM/Presence/Unified Communications, this might be a neat chotchkie.  It’s a USB peripheral that plugs into your computer and physically displays your Lync status to the surrounding world.

  • Do people interrupt you while you’re busy working?
  • Do you often check to see if a colleague is available to chat?
  • Have you ever walked to the other side of the office to chat with a colleague only to find they are busy on the phone?

If these issues exist in your workplace you need Blync – the Busy light for Lync.

  • imageSynchronize
    Automatically synchronizes with your Lync Presence displaying:
      • Green – when available
      • Yellow – when away from desk
      • Red – when busy or on phon
  • Message Alert
    Incoming Call and/or Instant Message alert
      • Flashes Red to ensure you never miss:
          • a Call when away from your desk
          • an Instant Message if connected to a remote desktop
      • Both options are configurable via the Blync software


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