Posted by: kurtsh | February 20, 2013

NEWS: Windows 8 touch PC demand strong

The fervor over Surface & the incredible demand shouldn’t be terribly surprising in retrospect.  There’s been plenty of evidence that Windows on tablets has had accelerated growth & demand over the last 6 months.

CNET: Windows 8 touch PC demand strong
Touch-screen WIndows 8 PCs are in demand. In fact, PC makers can’t get enough supply of some models.
Dec 4th, 2012

“"Touch machines are actually selling above expectations," said Bob O’Donnell, a program vice president at IDC.

And that means supply shortages. "Some vendors are actually facing shortages because touch panels are in limited supply. Vendors are saying they can’t get as many touch-based machines as they would like to meet the demand that they’re seeing."

Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at IHS iSuppli, echoed O’Donnell’s comments. "We’ve talked to a number of PC makers that are having trouble obtaining touch panels and some of the vendors I’ve talked to said they can’t keep them on the shelf," she said.”

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