Posted by: kurtsh | January 30, 2013

BETA: SQL Server 2012 Baselines for Security Compliance Manager (SCM)

We are pleased to announce our first beta release of the SQL Server 2012 Baselines for Security Compliance Manager (SCM). These baselines include Microsoft best practice recommendations that can help you secure and monitor your database servers. This beta release includes baselines for 5 SQL Server 2012 roles, PowerShell-based tools to facilitate compliance scanning and reporting, and a security guide that provides additional advice on managing the security of SQL Server 2012.

We invite you to participate in the beta review program that includes the following SQL Server 2012 baselines for Security Compliance Manager:

  • SQL2012 Analysis Services-Beta
  • SQL2012 Database Engine Services-Beta
  • SQL2012 Integration Services-Beta
  • SQL2012 Replication-Beta
  • SQL2012 Reporting Services-Beta

To download the beta release of SQL Server 2012 Baselines for Security Compliance Manager join the review program on Microsoft Connect: ( )

SCM is a free tool from the Microsoft Solution Accelerators Team designed to help you quickly configure and manage the security of your computers, whether there are located on-premises, in a traditional data center, or in a private cloud, using Group Policy and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. To learn more about the current version of the application, SCM 3.0, see the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager page in the TechNet Library at: (

Please send any questions or comments to the Solution Accelerators Security Team: secwish aht microsoft dawt com


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