Posted by: kurtsh | January 27, 2013

NEWS: Surface for Windows 8 Pro… in-store reservations now available for February 9th!


Interested in a Surface for Windows 8 Pro?  (More info available here; also the datasheet is available here)

There’s going to be a line for folks looking to get one on launch day at the Microsoft Store & we’ll likely sell out again on day 1 just as we did with Surface for Windows RT… but you can reserve one and ensure you get one on launch day!

Walk into your local Microsoft Store and request a reservation.  When you do, you’ll need to select what model you want to purchase ($899/64GB or $999/128GB SSD model) provide some contact information and all that (no credit card required) and they’ll give you a $0 receipt and a glossy reservation card. 

Below is the card from Century City:


You’ll notice the white box in the bottom right hand corner:  That’s where you place in line would go.  That’s because there’s only a limited number of reservations that they’re taking & each card in numbered.  When I say limited, the total number of reservations available isn’t something I’m allowed to post but it’s REALLY SMALL… so I’d get in there if I were you.

The day of the launch – Feburary 9th – come on in to the store (last time there was a requirement that you do so by 12 Noon; don’t know about this time) and you’ll be guaranteed a unit.  Even if they’ve sold out and are turning away customers, they’ll still have one reserved for you in the back.

If you recall, online orders for the $499 model of Surface for Windows RT sold out in one day.  And online orders have not been announced yet, so I’d get on this if you’re near a store.


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