Posted by: kurtsh | January 21, 2013

NEWS: Windows Phone adjusts the 20MB download limit to 50MB

imageMuch to my delight, I believe, sometime toward the end December 2012, the 20MB download limit on Windows Phone was apparently raised to 50MB.  Maybe it started around 2013 but whenever it was, it’s certainly changed now. 

Well, I do.  And so does anyone that uses podcasts.  Y’see, this has bothered me primarily because I’m a heavy podcast listener.  Having to drive more than 1hr to many of my customers means that I’m spending a lot of time in the car… and most radio these days no longer captures my interest.  (Except maybe JACK-FM:  Yes, CBS Radio, you guys know what you’re doing because I’m clearly that demographic that you’re losing on ‘the other radio station’)

When podcasts get downloaded to Windows Phone, if it exceeded 20MB, it would get “backed up” in a queue, stating that the user need to connect to a WiFi point to get the download.  So on a regular basis, I’d turn on WiFi just to get a “full download” of my podcasts.

Anyway, this has been one of my pet peeves on Windows Phone because, it was frankly so easily fixable.  It was a software limitation, not one enforced on the network by the carriers.  I got to pinging Daniel Rubino, the editor-in-chief of WPCentral, and he informed me that the limit had already been adjusted to 50MB.

Which suddenly made sense… because for the past week or so, I haven’t had any notifications show up on my phone telling me that I had podcasts backed up, ready to download over WiFi.

So looks like we both won:  Daniel wrote up a post for it today & frankly, I think it’s an exclusive because I searched long and hard and couldn’t find any reference to this change in the download limit.

Read the details of the change here, who it applies to, etc.:


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