Posted by: kurtsh | December 17, 2012

INFO: Accessories for HTC Windows Phone 8X owners

So you bought an HTC Windows Phone 8X ‘eh?  Congratulations!  Now it’s time to SUIT UP.  Get your credit card cuz we’re goin’ SHOPPING for your new phone.  And we’re gonna get everything that you need.

imagePowerGen Dual Port USB 2.1A 10W AC Travel Wall Charger ($9.90)
This is a 2.1A 5V USB AC Adapter which will charge your phone at its maximum rate.  I specifically selected this adapter however because it contains over-current protection circuitry.  You have to be careful about which chargers you purchase because they can decrease the life of your Lithium Ion battery if they burst with a charge, which can potentially generate something akin to the ‘memory effect’ of old where your battery no longer holds a 100% charge.  It will also automatically shut off after your battery’s charged to avoid unnecessary wear.  Safe ramp 2A chargers are more expensive so don’t skimp on your charging equipment.

imageHTC Windows Phone 8X Soft Cover Candy Skin Gel Case Accessory (Clear Checker)
Now before you pooh pooh the design, I chose this among 4 different gel cases that I ACTUALLY TRIED.  Here’s the criteria I used:

  • Flat NON-MATTE finish
  • Tight gel fit
  • Clear casing
  • Under $5

After evaluating several, I ended up with this case.  It fits extremely well compared to the others and it doesn’t have a rough matte finish, which I do not want because believe it or not, the matte finish makes the device ‘slick’ and makes it easier to slide around in the car or in your hand.  Additionally, I wanted a clear casing to show off the ‘California Blue’.  As you can see, I compromised a little with the checker pattern which I’m not crazy about but whatever.

imageAnker® Astro Christmas Family Gift Holiday Pack 4 External Batteries ($99.99)
Get this while you can.  These are Anker rechargeable external batteries for your Windows Phone 8.  You only need one but at the price they’re putting these at, you might as well get the Christmas pack for you and your family.  Anker batteries are EXTREMELY reliable and store a ton of power to charge your phone when you’re running low on power.  It also charges at 1A 5V so it’ll charge quickly.  You can keep it in your pocket with your phone plugged in and have a full charge in 30min.

imageEnergizer Qi-Enabled 3-Position Inductive Charger ($64.98) 
The HTC 8X from Verizon Wireless SPECIFICALLY is unique in that it has built in wireless charging.  All it requires is a charging pad/mat and that’s what this is.  For $65, you basically get a pad that allows you to charge the phone without plugging anything in, along with any other Qi wireless charging technology device. (It has room for 2 devices)  This is a really good deal and well known in Windows Phone wireless charging circles as a great value.


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