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INFO: Top 10 Apps from iPhone – How’s Windows Phone 8 doing with these?

imageMy coworker, Brian Larson, took this list of apps from Engadget and added strikethroughs on apps that we have available on Windows Phone 8.

Top Free iPhone Apps:

  1. YouTube Google, Inc.
  2. Instagram, Burbn, inc.
  3. Draw Something Free, OMGPOP, Inc.
  4. Flashlight Ⓞ, iHandy Inc.
  5. Facebook , Facebook, Inc.
  6. Pandora Radio, Pandora Media, Inc.
  7. Temple Run, Imangi Studios, LLC
  8. Pinterest Pinterest, Inc.
  9. Twitter, Twitter Inc.
  10. Skype, Skype

Top Paid iPhone Apps:

  1. Angry Birds Space, Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  2. WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Inc.
  3. Draw Something, OMGPOP, Inc.
  4. Camera+ tap tap tap LLC
  5. Where’s My Water? Walt Disney
  6. Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  7. Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick
  8. Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  9. Bejeweled, PopCap
  10. TETRIS® Electronic Arts Inc.

Top Free iPad Apps:

  1. Skype for iPad, Skype Communications S.a.r.l
  2. Temple Run, Imangi Studios, LLC
  3. Facebook, Facebook, Inc.
  4. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.
  5. The Weather Channel® for iPad, The Weather Channel
  6. Draw Something Free, OMGPOP, Inc.
  7. Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks, AMZN Mobile LLC
  8. Pandora Radio, Pandora Media Inc.
  9. Angry Birds HD Free, Rovio Entertainment
  10. Calculator Pro for iPad Free, MYW Productions

Top Paid iPad Apps:

  1. Angry Birds Space HD, Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  2. Where’s My Water? Walt Disney
  3. Pages, Apple Inc.
  4. Draw Something, OMGPOP, Inc.
  5. Notability – Take Notes & Annotate PDFs with Dropbox & Google Drive
  6. Sync Ginger Labs, Inc.
  7. Angry Birds Star Wars HD, Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  8. iPhoto Apple Inc.
  9. Minecraft – Pocket Edition Mojang AB
  10. Where’s My Perry? Walt Disney
  11. Words With Friends HD Zynga Mobile


EPILOGUE:  Best troll comment on the original Engadget post comes from what I can only assume is an Apple fanboy, in response to all the Android/Google bias amongst the commenters:

And the top apps for the Google Play store is:

  1. Virus scanner
  2. Malware detector
  3. Virus remover
  4. Malware remover
  5. Root my Droid
  6. iOS emulator
  7. Wallpaper
  8. Flashlight
  9. Battery manager
  10. Pirated apps


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