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INFO: Content roadmap for Office 365 ProPlus


Need more information about Office 365 ProPlus?  What makes it different?  How you deploy it?  See below:

Office 365 ProPlus uses several technologies, from application streaming to services, to deliver new user and administrative experiences to support Office as a Service. Office 365 ProPlus allows users to quickly begin to use Office applications on computers that are running at least Windows 7, before the complete product is downloaded. The users’ files and personalized settings follow them from one computer to another.

Office 365 combines the Office 365 ProPlus client suite, Project Pro for Office 365, and Visio Pro for Office 365 together with cloud versions of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online. The delivery technology for Office 365 ProPlus is known as Click-to-Run. This is a Microsoft streaming and virtualization technology which reduces the time that is required to install Office and allows users to run another version of Office on the same computer.

Traditional Windows Installer-based enterprise deployments of Office may take a year to deploy in production environments. By using Office 365 ProPlus, you can help minimize downtime while you conduct testing. Click-to-Run supports side-by-side installations of Office which means that you won’t have to uninstall earlier versions of Office to test Office 2013. This enables users to test the new Office version without having to uninstall their current version. We recommend that you use side-by-side installations only as part of your Office testing and pilots before you deploy it, and not as a long-term solution for your production environment. When you start deployment to production, you should uninstall, or have users uninstall, the earlier versions of Office that are installed on their computers.

The following table summarizes the content that is available to help you plan and deploy Click-to-Run Office client products.

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