Posted by: kurtsh | December 10, 2012

HOWTO: Get your web site on the whitelist for Adobe Flash on Windows RT

As most know by now, there is a constantly refreshing whitelist of web sites that Internet Explorer 10 on Windows RT will display Adobe Flash on.  (This is known as the Compatibility View list)

This is a section of the MSDN article that discusses the Compatibility View list which enables Flash to be enabled within the IE 10 browser on Windows RT, including the process of submitting a website for consideration.

Submitting your site for consideration

Developers can submit their sites that they want to be included on the CV list to Microsoft via email.

To submit your site for consideration to the CV list, email and include the following details:

  1. Your name, company, title, and contact information
  2. The domain you want considered ( and the specific pages containing Flash content (,
  3. The approximate unique users per month that visit the domain
  4. The capabilities your Flash content requires. For more info see Guidelines for Flash Content in Internet Explorer 10 in this topic.
  5. The name and version of the SWF your site is using, including version number for third party .SWF files if appropriate (for example, videoplayer.swf v1.2 from Contoso)
  6. A list of any other plugs-ins (not Flash) your domain depends on and the specific pages containing those controls. Be aware that if your site depends on other plug-ins, users will be directed to open your site in Internet Explorer 10 for the desktop.
  7. The results of your testing of the pages listed in step two (2) of these steps. For more info see Test Guidance and Test Cases in this topic.


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