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DOWNLOAD: Legal IT Professionals 2012 Global Cloud Survey Report (9.6MB)

clip_image002Legal IT published the results of the Global Legal IT Professionals Cloud Survey in a 27 page document that goes over topics including:

  • Moving key applications to the cloud
  • Are people changing their minds about cloud computing?
  • Are clients worried about legal IT in the cloud?
  • Cloud on the horizon
  • BYOD and the public cloud
  • Which applications/services are suitable for the public cloud?
  • What issues still need to be addressed?
  • Reaping the benefits

Here are a few excerpts:

  • Clients are rightly concerned about whether their data is held in the cloud or on-premise. Clients should note that the Data Protection Act does not prevent transfer of data outside the EU, nor does the FBI have easy access to data under the USA Patriot Act.” – Frank Jennings, Partner, DMH Stallard LLP
  • I have always been a big supporter of purchasing as much of a ‘service model’ as I can from my vendors. This way I can focus mine and my team’s energy on understanding our business and helping address real business and client problems.” – Stuart Walters, IT Director, Taylor Wessing
  • …this is also where BYOD (bring your own device) and consumer technology influences legal IT. As connectivity – particularly mobile connectivity – becomes ubiquitous, and lawyers, like everyone else, become culturally accustomed to accessing everything online, cloud computing is likely to become the de facto delivery model for information and applications.
  • I am sure this is happening in all firms, it is almost impossible to try and stop. Anyone with a credit card and an internet connection can buy numerous cloud services. Once you block one site or service something else appears. Also some clients insist on using these services. We use all the relevant security products and firewalls to help mitigate the risk, but the best approach is to educate your lawyers and do it in a way that they understand.” – Stuart Walters, IT director, Taylor Wessing

Download a free copy of the report here:


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