Posted by: kurtsh | November 12, 2012

COMMENTARY: Microsoft Surface… multitasking for Married Couples

imageThis is my favorite use case of my Surface, and it’s something that people don’t think of:


  • My wife likes Angry Birds. 
  • I like RSS feeds & Twitter. 

…but with Surface, we can do both at the same time on a single device with a large screen!


What makes this possible is that Surface can multitask two apps at the same time simply by splitting the screen using a mode called “SnapView”.  When we’re sitting at a coffee shop, my wife & I will both huddle around one Surface while we’re sipping our coffee:

  • She’ll use the majority of the screen for Angry Birds, launching birds at the pigs in ‘Angry Birds Space’. 
  • Meanwhile, I’ll use the minority of the screen for scrolling & reading through the RSS feeds aggregator that I use, which is usually an app called ‘Feed Reader’.

(See below for a snapshot of this.  Incidentally, I noticed that the division of screen real estate on the Surface is a lot like the allocation of space distributed in our master bedroom closet. :-))

The key here is that we both use one Surface at the same time.  Combine this with the fact that Surface also supports 5 points of touch on the screen simultaneously… both of us can interact with our respective applications on one screen at the same time. 

…and it works really well!  Give it a try!

Screenshot (11)

Angry Birds Space… & Feed Reader (RSS reader)

Screenshot (12)

Angry Birds Star Wars… and MetroTwit (Twitter app)


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