Posted by: kurtsh | November 11, 2012

INFO: “Mail in Windows 8/RT” – A brief FAQ based on some questions I asked

imageI asked some folks in “a position to know” some questions about the Mail client within Windows 8 / RT and here’s some of the responses:

  • Does the Mail app include calendar and contact support?
    Yes.  The Mail application is actually one component of the larger “communication” app that provides the Mail, Calendar, People, and Messenger functionality.  (It’s one app with four entry points.)
  • What mail protocols does the Mail app support?
    Exchange ActiveSync and IMAP.  (There is no POP3 support.)
  • Can you use the Mail app without specifying a Microsoft account?
    No, you must connect a Microsoft account (a.k.a. Live ID) before you can add other mail accounts.
  • Can the Mail app read RMS-protected (IRM) e-mails?
    No.  It is possible to open RMS-protected Office documents, but these would need to be attached to unprotected e-mails.
  • Can the Mail app accept or reject e-mail appointments?
    Yes, using the recently-released Mail app update.
  • Can the Mail app access mail folders?
    Yes, with some limitations.  For example, it can’t create folders.
  • When using Exchange ActiveSync, can you do a remote wipe of the entire device?
    No, the Mail app will remove all mail, contacts, and calendar entries, but it will not touch anything outside of that.
  • When using Exchange ActiveSync, will the configured policies by enforced by the Mail app?
    Yes, the Mail app will set several policies on the Windows RT device based on the required Exchange ActiveSync settings.  See
    for the policies supported.  Note that you can’t set a policy to require encrypted external storage because Windows RT does not support encrypting external storage.
  • Does the Mail app support client-side rules?
  • Can I see free/busy information when scheduling an appointment using the Calendar app?
  • Does the Mail app support S/MIME for signed e-mail?


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