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RECAP: Halo 4 Midnight Launch (Los Angeles)… featuring Master Chief, Cortana & Cmdr. Thomas Lasky!

… or more appropriately the motion capture actors that performed the roles of Master Chief, Cortana, & Thomas Lasky in Halo 4 – specifically Bruce Thomas, Mackenzie Mason, and Darren O’Hare:


All three were extremely pleasant people.  And we all knew they were doing a ‘corporate gig’ but they were patient with photogs, fans, and most importantly, children in attendance that were rabid fans of the Halo series.

Halo4LaunchPanorama (2)

This was possibly the most highly attended Midnight Launch the store ever had above and beyond Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 & Madden 13, both of which had over 100+ people in attendance.  Halo 4’s launch?  Roughly 150+ people, I figure.  Yeah – that’s a LOT of people waiting in line, eating pizza, drinking soda, taking photographs… and pwning noobs.



One of the neatest things is the free pizza, free drinks, and the free raffle in which they gave away an Xbox 360 (Halo 4 Edition).  The tournament also mandates that you bring your ‘A’ game because there are some REALLY experienced players competing.   And there were some hardcore fans in attendance, as you can see below.



One of the neat things that they did was they made it possible for every attendee to have their copies of Halo 4 signed by the mo-cap actors as well as the producer of Halo 4, who was on hand for the Los Angeles festivities:


Folks with pre-orders of Halo 4 were, like I’d posted before, treated with a $25 GIFT CARD for anything in the Microsoft Store:


BTW:  I would have gotten this recap posted earlier… but I’ve been busy.  Playing Halo 4.

Microsoft is Paying MS Points For Playing Halo 4


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