Posted by: kurtsh | October 31, 2012

INFO: The early results from the media around Windows Phone 8

imageHere’s a summary of many of the comments made by the media around their first look at Windows Phone 8:

  • “Windows Phone 8 is a delight to use… Its combined good looks, functional features and sexy new hardware make it a winning smartphone.” – Wall Street Journal
  • “Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8 breakthrough features” – USA Today
  • “Windows Phone’s live tiles are far enough removed from the static icons of iOS and the confusing widget farm that Android has become to put clear blue water between Microsoft and its competitors.” – UK Telegraph
  • “Nice though the 8X hardware is, this phone, like all smartphones, is defined by its operating system. While 2010′s Windows Phone 7 was good; last year’s Windows Phone 7.5 was really good. And Windows Phone 8, from my brief time with it, seems to be really, really good” – Time Magazine
  • “Windows Phone 8 makes big changes while remaining true to its core. It’s sharp, colorful, clean, and simple, but also hip and a bit exuberant.” – CNET
  • “There’s a lot to love about Windows Phone… Windows Phone 8 shines on the 8X and the phone is a pleasure to both hold and carry around.” – Mashable
  • “Windows Phone 8 is elegant, personable, and different… If iOS bores you and Android intimidates you, Windows Phone will likely dazzle you.” – PC Mag
  • “The live tiles and the distinctive user interface remain Microsoft’s biggest selling points for Windows Phone.” – Associated Press
  • “Who would have thought that in 2012 Microsoft would be the company with the boldest phone and software design?” – The Verge’s Josh Topolsky
  • “Redmond is presenting one of the most compelling ecosystem stories in the business right now, and the 8X and Lumia 920 are both lining up to be formidable flagship phones over the next several months” – The Verge
  • “With each new generation of Windows Phone, Microsoft not only closes the gap with iOS and Android in important ways, but it also differentiates in important ways — and that might be more true in version 8 than ever before.” – The Verge
  • “I am indeed composing a love letter to stock software today, only to my eternal surprise I am doing so in Microsoft’s OneNote. My review time with the HTC Windows Phone 8X extinguished the built-up anticipation for the incrementally improved Nexus and replaced it with a burning curiosity to explore the new Windows Phone OS. The more I used the 8X, the more I enjoyed using it.” – The Verge


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