Posted by: kurtsh | October 29, 2012

TRAINING: Attend a Windows 8 Developer Workshop near you! (Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Irvine, etc.)




Attend a free Developer Workshop and create your first-to-market app.
There’s never been a better time to build apps and games. With over 630 million licenses sold worldwide, Windows 8 represents the single biggest developer opportunity to date. Hardware manufacturers are introducing new devices, and millions of consumers are expected to upgrade. Here’s your chance to have your app or game be one of the first of its kind in the Windows Store.

Seizing the opportunity is easier than you think.

The Windows 8 Developer Workshops are designed to help you develop apps and games for Windows 8. Just bring your existing iOS, Android, XNA or HTML5 code and a healthy dose of creativity. We’ll provide the support you need to finish your first-to-market Windows 8 app. Best of all, you’ll use your existing development skills to create money-making apps that run on Windows 8 and other popular mobile platforms. Workshop topics include:

  • Windows 8 UX Design
  • Windows 8 Game Development
  • Windows 8 App Development
  • Monetization and Store Certification

Get the help and support you need to ensure your app or game is market-ready. Bring your laptop, your code and your creativity, and get started today.

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Need help getting started?

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