Posted by: kurtsh | October 25, 2012

HOWTO: Manually save a conversation in Lync 2013

imageTake a look at the snapshot to the right:  This is the new Lync 2013 client.  Notice there’s no “gear-like” configuration icon?  There’s the “…” at the bottom of the screen but that doesn’t provide client UI configuration.

The point is, there’s no way to reveal a MENU BAR (File, Edit, Tools, etc.) like you used to with previous versions of Lync.

Q: So how do you manually save a conversation?

It turns out that the answer is “CTRL-S”.  This is the only way to do so without waiting for the client to ‘auto-save’ the conversation (if you have this set up.  There’s no FILE-SAVE CONVERSATION drop down any more.

For folks that haven’t used Lync before, the saved conversation will be found in a folder in Outlook called “Conversations History” off the root of your mailbox.

Why this isn’t documented in Lync’s help, I don’t know.  And that’s why I’m typing it up here.


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